An inclusive community of artists, metaphysical practitioners and the woo-curious that features workshops, special events and live talks with creative professionals in Los Angeles and online all over the globe. 

Upcoming Workshops

A schedule of upcoming workshops

Wednesday March 8, 6-8pm PT
Witch Ethics with Rachel Howe
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Wednesday March 15, 7-8pm PT
Tarot 101: Major Arcana and the Hero's Journey with Sarah Thibault
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Monday March 20 and March 27, 7-8pm PT
2-week Artist Statement Writing Workshop with Sarah Thibault
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Wednesday March 22, 7-8pm PT
Tarot 101: Introduction to the Minor Arcana with Sarah Thibault
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Photo by Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash

Lunch Art Talks

A schedule of upcoming live talks and events hosted by Sarah Thibault

Free for all Collective Members* (Collective opens March 1st)

Members RSVP here
$12 for non-members. Link below.

Wednesday, March 22

Interview with Rebekah Goldstein, Bay Area Artist
Noon -1pm PT (online)
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Wednesday, April 19
Interview with Lauren Powell of Lauren Powell Projects - Los Angeles
Noon -1pm PT (online)

Wednesday, May 24
Conversation with Ron Moultrie Saunders
Noon -1pm PT (online)

*In addition to free access to live events, all events will be recorded and available to Collective Members in the Video Library

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We are excited to announce the launch of The Side Woo Collective online membership!

The Collective was created to facilitate art-making and helping its members forge a stronger connection to their intuition through metaphysical tools like tarot, meditation, astrology, and mediumship.

Monthly memberships will include access to: 

  • Online platform to connect and collaborate with like-minded people
  • Monthly live talks on Zoom with artists, art world professionals and metaphysical practitioners
  • Other programming & perks 

Membership is $22 a month with no commitment required. We are currently offering one month free with a monthly subscription.

All proceeds will go towards the production of the podcast, events programming programming, and workshop creation.

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Morning Drawing Hour

Why drawing? What is more simple than putting pen or pencil to paper to create something that doesn't exist? It's magic.

Most of us spend our day in our heads. Starting the day with a drawing (or other art) practice will get you into your body, and using your brain to think beyond language through color, line and materiality.

Join us every morning, Monday through Friday from 8-9 am Pacific Time.

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