The Side Woo Podcast comes out every other Thursday. Hosts Sarah Thibault and Elizabeth Bernstein investigate the intersection of the metaphysical and material worlds, and how this space can support a meaningful and creative life.   Guests include writers, artists, musiscians and metaphysical practitioners including but not limited to tarot readers, energy healers, psychic mediums, and spirit rescue specialists. 

Listen to The Side Woo on Spotify, iTunes, Anchor.fm or wherever you listen to podcasts.  Learn more at: https://anchor.fm/thesidewoopodcast


About the Hosts

Sarah Thibault, Executive Producer and Host


As the Co-Host and Creator of The Side Woo, it is her passion to talk with artists, writers, musicians and other creatives about  the intersection of mental health and metaphysical practices.


IG: @Sarah_Thibault


Elizabeth Darrow Bernstein, Host

Elizabeth is an artist, curator and educator based in Oakland, CA. She was faculty in the photography department at the San Francisco Art Institute for ten years, as well as the founder and director of Royal NoneSuch Gallery, an Oakland-based artist run project space that ran from 2009-2019. She currently owns and runs Maker’s Loft, a brick-and-mortar retail store in Oakland, CA and is the co-host of the Side-Woo podcast. 


IG: @Makersloftoakland