Artists + Travel Podcast

All the episodes in Season 1 were recorded in early 2020 as a series of video interviews in conjunction with the Minnesota Street Project. Interviewees include creatives from all over the world who shared their sheltering in place experiences and all the things that came up for them during the early days of the pandemic. 

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Matter of life & Debt 

This podcast was created by host Nikki Nolan about the student debt crisis in America.  NINA ARNETTE provided transcript editing, marketing strategy & copywriting services for the first 10 episodes.  

Go to matteroflifeanddebt.com to learn more. 

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The Bad Mommy Experience

This podcast was created by host and Bad Mommy in Chief, Lalita Khosla.  NINA ARNETTE provided creative for all digital assets, and social media channels for Season 1. 

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